2021-22 HDR Report: Malawi has shown resilience-UN

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  • Let us find more innovations; let us save more money

The recently launched Human development report (HDR) confirms the fears, anxieties and uncertainties people in the world and Malawi are going through in the wake of the impact of COVID-19, climate change and the impact of the Ukraine war.

Among others, the report showed Human Development Index (HDI) for countries development has dropped for two years in a row a feat viewed as record breaking.

Malawi is now up five places on the 2021-2022 Human Development report (HDR).

It’s now on 169 out of 191 from position 174 out of 189 in 2019-2020 on the Human development index.

The report noted the world is going through extraordinary times and changes hence its title “Uncertain times, Unsettled lives; shaping our future in a transforming world”.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative Shigeki Komatsubara said despite the difficulties, the encouraging part is that it is a global phenomenon.

Some of the participants at the launch of the Human development report

According to him, this should challenge people to do things differently, adopt a mindset change and promote a positive discussion in overcoming the obstacles.

Komatsubara described it as quite respectable considering that Malawi moved forward when 90 percent of countries are going back.

The report hinted on the need to invest in human resources, education and a great opportunity to start doing things in a different way such as digital innovation

The Resident Representative stressed on the need to find alternative sources of boosting Malawi’s economy from within and earning more by supporting women entrepreneurs and youths.

“What frustrates me a little bit is there are so many good examples and other people take notice of Malawi, but we’re not talking of those positive examples. Am very positive with more innovative Malawians making things happen or what the government of Malawi is doing for example with digital technology saving millions of dollars as we talk and if more people are willing to do things, working together finding solutions can make a big difference.

“The positive message is Malawi is very resilient. When all world is sliding back; we are holding the ground and still managing to inch forward. Let us find more innovations; let us save more money; let us create more jobs by replicating the successful examples and then am pretty sure that Malawi can continue to develop and hopefully at fast pace”.

Komatsubara: When all world is sliding back; we are holding the ground and still managing to inch forward

He described corruption as development in reverse as it deprives ordinary people of opportunities to grow, and money to be invested in developing talents, supporting entrepreneurship.

The UN boss stated the leakages through illicit financial flows need to be stopped through digital technology to track resources and ensure they are used for maximum impact for the people’s best interests.

On its part, National Planning Commission Director Dr. Joseph Nagoli lamented the impact of the COVID-19 and the Russia Ukraine conflict on human development.

He cited fiscal instability, inflation, high food prices and disruption of all value chains underscoring the need to provide solutions or opportunities within the uncertainties.

Nagoli proposed the need to build a resilient economy by looking at different priority areas to bring wealth to finance social services.

Nagoli (R) The other issue is about coordination and making sure that we are becoming angry

He is upbeat these and others can bring hope to Malawi and improve the country’s ranking on the development index.

Although Malawi has slightly improved, the focus should be on agricultural productivity and commercialization, industrialization and urbanization in line with the MW2063.

“What we need to do is focus and making our priorities right; if all of us can rally to interventions that were put in place in MIP 1, I think we can move quickly. But you find that sometimes we do things differently and we do things in an isolated manner. What we need to do is that we all come together and get focused to develop what we’ve implemented.

“The other issue is about coordination and making sure that we are becoming angry; we are looking at these as a matter of urgency. It’s the sense of urgency that we all need to embrace and making sure that all rally behind doing in what is contained in our development programmes”.