DMI, Fastex in advancing radiology health care in Malawi

Fastex CEO

A local Non Governmental Organisation, Developed Medical Imaging (DMI)  has partnered with a fast emerging logistics and courier company, Fastex in providing top quality radiology services in rural health facilities in Malawi.

DMI Executive Director Chrispin Bondwe said the NGO has partnered with the courier company as it is in the process of scouting for key strategic partners to advance the organisation’s objective of making radiology services available in the most rural health centres across the country.

DMI supports the Ministry of Health through strengthening radiology services in Malawi.

Bondwe explained that high-quality health services including radiology, are only accessible in urban centers while the majority of the population who live in rural areas have limited access to quality health services.

He said: “The country has an estimated population of 17.4 million people in 2017 with an average annual growth rate of 2.7%, giving an estimated population of 20.4 million people by 2022. An estimated 84% of the population lives in rural areas as compared to 16% who live in urban centers.”


“There are a total of 52 x-ray machines in public hospitals in Malawi. These x-rays equipment are mostly available in central and district hospitals however in some district hospitals these machines are not functional (functional:34 and 18 non-functional).”


“About half of the x-ray machines are analogue. However, radiology is a technology driven field that requires use of advanced medical imaging equipment.” Bondwe explained.

Bondwe therefore cited that their organisation is made up of radiology and other support staff who are working together to optimize the well-being of patients by using different imaging modalities and processes to image the human body for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

He then said their partnership with the logistics company will assist in reaching out to the most rural areas with poor road networks.

Bondwe said: “As an organisation we have planned and systematic actions that will produce consistently high-quality images with minimum exposure of the patients and workers. Therefore we will be working with various institutions to help us in achieving this agenda.”

Fastex Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Chatangwa explained that his company recognize and accepts the phenomena of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in deriving positive impact on societies including in health care support systems.

“Globally, governments alone doesn’t attend to all social needs, private sector players like Fastex are expected to be partners in progress by intervening in strategic areas like health, education and provision of social amenities. Therefore as a company we are pledging to continue lifting the society as we are building own brand identity.”

Among others Fastex provides the return load management system which seeks to save transporters from huge empty miles which mainly emanates from lack of consolidation in local transport operations.