Malawians usher in 2022

Prophet Samuel

The mood in Blantyre City was rather subdued as for the second year running, the Council did not put up its New Year’s Day fireworks displays along Victoria Avenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But in the townships that our crew visited, such as Ndirande, the mood was more celebratory, as people honked the horns of their vehicles, danced on the streets, did mini fireworks displays and some burnt tires on the streets to usher in the new year.

In churches, that we visited, the faithful were eagerly waiting to hear from their prophets and leaders what they would be promised in 2022.

St Michael's and All Angels
The faithful at St Michael's and All Angels. Photo by Vincent Zodabwitsa

At Blantyre Sports Club, Prophet Samuel drew quite a crowd as he promised that he has seen the hand of God on his followers. The great Angels choir that was invited to perform, gave an electric performance.

Prophet Samuel
Prophet Samuel's service. Photo by Vincent Zodabwitsa

At the Living Waters Church headquarters in Chimwankhunda, Blantyre, the church’s founder Apostle Stanley Ndovie, promised his followers that 2022 would be a year of Great Blessings and Rebuilding.

“The prophetic word that the Lord is getting to us for the year 2022, is that this is the year of great blessings and rebuilding. The Lord gave me this word to give you. If you take this word, God will bless,” he said.

Apostle Ndovie
Apostle Ndovie: 2022 is a year of rebuilding. Photo courtesy of LWC Media

For some people we met in Blantyre, 2021 is a year they would love to forget.

“2021 was a tough year, I expected more... my expectations for 2022 are that I accomplish all my desires in life,” said Talumba Mapapa.

Mapapa: I expect a great year. Photo by Vincent Zodabwitsa

Macmillan M’bwana from Chilomoni said: “My experience in 2021 is that it has been been a good year. I’ve been hearing people saying pa ground sipali bwino, but as for me, pa ground panga panali bwino. As we’re entering 2022 I’m expecting more in 2022. My message to others is to put God first”.

Pa ground
M'bwana: Pa ground panali bwino. Photo by Vincent Zodabwitsa

As people embark on the new year, great hope is mixed with a level of uncertainty as in the year just-ended was one of the toughest economically as prices of basic goods sky-rocketed leaving many households struggling to make ends meet.