Medical Council punishes 4 doctors, 6 other practitioners

Prof. Taulo

Medical Council of Malawi (MCM) has punished four medical doctors and six other medical practitioners for various offence bordering on misconduct and negligence following complaints from the public.

In a statement, MCM said it conducted investigations and disciplinary hearings leading to the action.

Most of the cases involved negligence towards pregnant women.

Among the 10, is professor of obstetrics and gynaecology Frank Taulo whose private practise licence has been revoked and suspended for five years.

Prof Taulo was found to have poorly monitored a pregnant woman in labour at Mwaiwathu Private hospital in August 2020, leading to delays to perform a Cesarian section. The woman lost her baby. 

In another incident in September, 2019, the professor was accused of negligence towards a woman with fibroids who later developed fistula. She also has ovarian cysts removed without her consent.

He has been slapped with a five and one year suspension for the offences; the punishments will run concurrently.

Another gynaecologist Dr Martha Makwero has been found guilty of negligently managing a woman who bled to her death after giving birth at Shifa Private hospital in Blantyre.

She has been ordered to practice under supervision for an unspecified period.

Another OB, Gyn Dr Bakali Rajab of Ralpha Private failed to rescuscitate a baby born prematurely and needed to be referred to a bigger hospital leading to its death. He has been ordered to pay costs for the investigation and the hospital has been ordered to hire a pediatrician.

Other cases of negligence involved public hospitals.

At Bwaila hospital in Lilongwe, a woman prescribed a C-section ruptured her uterus and her baby died (stillbirth) because the clinical officer Grace Misiri failed to make proper handover. She has been suspended for a year.  

A similar incident happened to woman in Machinga who had been referred to the district hospital. Dr Innocent Mhango has  been suspended for a year for negligence.

Other incidents involved clinical officers charging patients money for services that should be free.

MCM says it has meted out the punishments to promote quality medical and dental care and to protect patient.